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American Education

American Education

Admission to American Universities

Taking the tests and applying to an American university can be a demanding and a time-consuming process. For the complicated year-long admission procedure you need to know a number of things:

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with you every step of the way
Mr. Dilip Oak provides expert guidance through personal sessions and informative workshops on:
  • selecting universities in which you have the best chances of admission with aid
  • handling visa interviews and correctly preparing financial documents to prevent rejection of your visa application
Personal sessions with our SOP Counselors on:
  • how to draft the crucial statement of purpose
  • how to select the right recommenders
  • how to highlight your academic and professional achievements to help your recommenders draft effective letters of recommendation
  • how to frame persuasive applications for research and teaching assistantships
Dilip Oak's Admission Center also:
  • provides online application assistance
  • helps in preparing correct financial, academic and other documents e.g. bank solvency certificate, transcripts
  • provides e-mail addresses of our students studying at various American universities
  • organizes a comprehensive pre-departure seminar

Admission Counseling


* Applicable for students enrolled for GRE/GMAT classroom coaching at the academy
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