Applications: What Graduate Admissions’ Officers Have to Say

Speaking Head 2Admissions Office FAQs


Here’s what some grad school admission officers have to say about these common questions relating to applications.

Q: What do you feel about receiving emails from “prospects”?

Ans: I’d rather only hear from you if you have something to tell me that will increase your file quality.


Q: Do you look at applicant’s Facebook / MySpace accounts?

Ans: No, I don’t care


Q: What do you look for in an applicant?

Ans: The main things in order of priority are:

- Grades

- Interest and exposure to subjects the student wants to take

- Test Scores.


Q: Do extracurricular activities count?

Ans: Not so much as academics. If you’ve done something really great, that counts.


Q: What is the average time spent per application?

Ans: 5-20 mins, including personal essays


Q: Does applying early help?

Ans: Yes, it increases your chances by at least 10%

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