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MS in US Information Systems (MIS) Program University Rankings are key resource to understand before you apply to Universities. Rankings do differ between programs. These rankings also change every year. These are the latest rankings provided by US news.

MIS | Management Information Systems | Information Science | Information Technology Management | US University Rankings for MS Programs

MS in US MIS University Rankings
no University Rank University Name
Rank 1 Carnegie Mellon University (Heinz)
Rank 2 Syracuse University (Maxwell)
Rank 3 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rank 4 Rutgers the State University of New Jersey–Newark
Rank 5 Georgia Institute of Technology
Rank 8 Harvard University (Kennedy)
Rank 9 University of Texas–Austin (LBJ)
Rank 10 University of Arizona
Rank 11 University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Rank 12 University of Pennsylvania
Rank 13 University of Maryland–College Park
Rank 14 Georgia State University
Rank 15 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
Rank 16 Indiana University–Bloomington
Rank 17 Purdue University–West Lafayette



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