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German Education

Why Pursue Higher Education in Germany?

    • The German Government and Industries invest a large amount for research & development. Most universities in Germany are funded by the government.
    • Employment opportunities are ever-increasing in Germany since the past few years especially in the field of science, engineering and technology. There is an increasing demand for highly skilled employees.
    • Germany is home to a large number of world renowned companies especially from the automobile sector (Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, etc.).
    • Germany is the second most preferred destination after America for higher education in engineering and technology.
    • The universities are funded by the government. Most universities do not charge tuition fees.
    • The language of instruction for most degree programs is English. A few degree programs are taught partly in English and partly in German.
  • Oak's German Coaching Class

    We offer coaching for all levels of examinations (A1 to C1). Our aim is to prepare you for these examinations and as well as train you to communicate effectively in German.
    Our course includes special emphasis on the speaking skills through various group activities and games.
    Our course structure ensures interactive learning using presentations and educational videos, beneficial for students from all faculties.

    • Course Structure

      • Introduce yourself and others.
      • Understand and use simple familiar expressions and phrases.
      • Ask and answer basic questions with regards to day-to-day situations.
      • Interact with others in a simple way.
      • Understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday situations.
      • Communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring direct exchange of information on familiar matters.
      • Describe in simple terms your personal or educational background, current situations and other matters with regard to day-to-day needs.
      • Understand familiar matters related to education, work and free time.
      • Handle most travel related situations in Germany or in German-speaking countries.
      • Describe experiences and events, hopes and desires, ambitions and goals and provide brief explanations for opinions and plans.
      • Express yourself simply on familiar topics and areas of personal interests.

    • We offer Weekday, Weekend and Fast Track courses.

      Duration: 3 months
      Duration: 4 months
      ₹ 12,980 ₹ 12,980
      ₹ 12,980 ₹ 12,980
      ₹ 12,980 ₹ 12,980
      Monday to Friday
      *Morning: 7:30 am, 9:30 am
      *Evening: 5:00 pm, 7:00 pm
      SAT: 5:00 pm - 8:15 pm
      SUN: 9:00 am - 12:15 pm

      * Weekday Batch: Please call for available batch timings

    • Why is German language coaching necessary?

      German being the native language of Germany it is very important that you learn the language before joining the university. Learning German is important for asking traveling directions, communicating with your professors and other students in the university, buying groceries and any other day-to-day activities. Being able to speak in German also gives you an edge over the others while applying for a job during and after your education in Germany. Some universities may ask you to complete the Master's thesis in German language.

    Admission Counseling For German Universities

    German universities offer specialized courses within a subject. Hence course and university selection is the most crucial aspect. All German universities are accredited, but they do not have ranks. You should be sure that you are applying to the right university and the right course which is based on your academic profile. We offer the following services under admissions counseling:

    • University Selection

      Based on your academic profile, course preference and work experience (if any) we help you select the right universities

    • Letter of Motivation and Recommendation Letters Guidance

      Letter of motivation is the most crucial document during the application process. In this document you have to explain what motivated you to apply for the course and the university. Personal sessions with our counselors will help you make a strong and convincing presentation of your skills.

    • University Application Assistance

      It is important to send only the required and correct documents within the stipulated time. Failing to send the required documents may lead to rejection from the university. We assist you with application packets preparation and sending the right documents to the university.

    • Visa Counseling

      We conduct workshops to guide you through the visa process and documentation. We also check the documents for correctness through personal sessions with the counselors.

    • Pre Departure Orientation

      We conduct an informative seminar on international air travel, foreign exchange, and practical details such as medical and food supplies to be taken, housing arrangements, insurance.

      Admission Counseling Fees for Germany
      ₹ 9,440 Students enrolled for admission counseling for USA
      ₹ 14,160 Students enrolling for admission counseling only for for Germany
    • For more information e-mail us at: germany@dilipoakacademy.com

Learn German

Learn German

Levels: A1 to C1

special emphasis on the speaking skills

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