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Pre-Departure Orientation 2017

Pre-Departure Orientation 2017

Every year Dilip Oak’s Academy organizes a Pre Departure Orientation for students joining American universities in the fall semester. This program is open for students of the academy as well as for all other students who have secured admission for fall 2017 semester. Since the capacity of Siddhi Banquet Hall is only 1,400 we have to split the program into two groups.

Group 1 (Timing: 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm)
Students joining Universities with alphabets A to R (e.g. Arizona State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, etc.) and alphabets Sa to So (e.g. San Diego State University, Southern Methodist University).

Group 2 (Timing: 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm)
Students joining Universities with alphabets T to Z (e.g. Texas Tech University, University of XXXX) and alphabets St to Sy (e.g. State University of New York - Buffalo, Syracuse University).
Please note that California State Universities will come under alphabet ‘C’ and University of California will come under alphabet ‘U’. Similarly, Florida State University will come under alphabet ‘F’ and University of Florida will come under alphabet ‘U’

University-wise Time Slots

Click on the time slot to view universities

The purpose of this program is to explain to you, the regulations relating to Foreign Exchange, Medical Checkup and Insurance, Immunization Documentation, Port of Entry Procedure and other practical matters including what you need to carry with you to America. In addition, you will be given ‘Get Set to Go’, a booklet written by Mr. Dilip Oak to explain all these matters in detail.
You will also be provided important tips on:
1. Campus life
2. Housing tips
3. Finding jobs after completing MS

Attending the program will also enable you to meet other students joining the same university and form joint travel plans.


This program is open only to students and parents of students joining American Universities in Fall 2017. Student should collect entry passes for himself and parents (maximum two passes per students for parents can be issued.)
You can collect your entry pass from:
• the academy, from Monday, 15th May 2017 to Saturday, 3rd June 2017 (9:00 am to 6:00 pm).
• at the venue, on the day of the orientation at least 30 minutes before the program

To obtain your entry pass:
In case you are unable to collect the entry pass before 4th June from the academy, you are strongly advised to fill up the form by clicking on the link below and bring it along at the venue half an hour prior to the beginning of the orientation.
Click HERE to download the pre-departure Registration form.

• if you have enrolled in the Admissions Center, produce your Admission Center I-card (compulsory) and photocopy of the I-20 form.
• If you have enrolled in the Admission Center only for visa counseling, produce your I-card and and photocopy of the I-20 form.
• if you have not enrolled in the Admission Center, produce a photocopy of the I-20 form


Siddhi Banquet Hall
Opp. Siddhi Garden, D.P. Road, Near Mhatre Bridge, Pune 411004


Sunday, 4th June 2017

In case your university is not listed here, please call us for the exact time slot.