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Welcome to India's largest training and counselling institute for higher education in America. If you want coaching for the GRE®, GMAT, TOEFL® or IELTS tests or admission assistance for American and Canadian universities for your graduate or post-graduate degree, you have arrived at the right place. Think of Dilip Oak's Academy as your one-stop-shop for higher education in America and Canada. We have everything you need by way of training, information, contacts, materials or procedures.

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Admission to U.S. Universities

We send more than 1200 students to U.S. universities every year.

Admission to American universities
For the complicated admission procedure you need to be well informed. Dilip Oak's Academy ensures that you understand the significance of various criteria considered by admissions committees in U.S universities. We also work towards improving your profile, and consequently further your chances of getting admission with financial assistance.

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FAQs about the Tests and Applications

An unparalled knowledge bank

Is 15 years of education enough to get admission to a Master's program? Are external degrees, autonomous courses, part-time diplomas accepted? Is work experience mandatory for an MBA degree? What is a good GRE® score? Find answers to these and many more commonly asked questions in our FAQs section.GRE, GMAT, TOEFL Admissions - Facts and Myths

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Discuss test-taking and applications

An online discussion forum

At Dilip Oak's Academy, we realize the importance of networking. In order to facilitate extended discussions between our current students and our former students who are now pursuing their graduate/post-graduate degrees, we have set up an online discussion forum where students can meet and discuss test trends, application related issues, practical problems like financing your graduation etc.

Sample admissions documents

SoPs and Recos

Have a look at someĀ samples of application documents such as application essays, statements of purpose, transcripts format and letters of recommendation.