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Oak's Online GRE Test offers you five full-length computer-based practice tests with some special features:

Our GRE® test has been designed according to the test and scoring pattern of the Revised General GRE test.

Your analytical writing essays are scored and in-depth feedback is given by experienced evaluators (sent by e-mail within three working days)

We provide detailed explanatory answers to every single question

Detailed score reports provided at the end allow you to gauge your strengths and weaknesses through a question wise analysis of your performance

Sample Screenshots of Our Practice GRE® Diagnostic Tests

System Requirements

Minimum software and hardware requirements

Before you click the 'Start Test' button please ensure you meet the following system requirements


Pentium/AMD processor (at least 1.2GHz), screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768px, an internet connection with a speed of at least 1 mbps

Supported Browser

Google Chrome

For further assistance with the test or general troubleshooting you can e-mail us at

Get Mixed Practice With Test Prep

Customized practice

sessions with explanations



Track your


More reasons why Test Prep is the right tool for you

More than 1,000 questions

Our practice questions are carefully written and edited to give you the most effective practice possible.

Elaborate explanations

Each practice question has its own explanation which covers vital concepts, shortcuts, and pitfalls.

Simple design

Study online wherever you go. Our clean and simple interface goes out of the way and lets you learn.

Friendly support

Help is always just a click away. If you don’t understand something, our tutors will explain it to you quickly and clearly.

Sharpen Your Skills With Focused Practice

Available only for GRE coaching students

Topic-wise questions

for Quantitative Reasoning

Specific question types

for Verbal Reasoning

400+ questions for

both sections combined

Our Focused Practice ensures methodical learning with

Reinforced understanding

Our large pool of questions is designed to strengthen your concepts and understanding.

Revision of classroom concepts

To help you keep in sync with concepts, tricks, and tips taught in the class.

Categorized learning

Topic-wise and question type-wise categorization of questions to help you cover everything.

Friendly support

Help is always just a click away. If you don’t understand something, our tutors will explain it to you quickly and clearly.

About Oak's Vocabulary App

Covers 1,500 most frequent GRE words

Pictures illustrating the meaning of the words

Audio and text pronunciation

Memorize words through the Learn and Test modes in the most useful way

Sample sentences and additional explanations

Roots and Mnemonics

How to download and install Oak's vocabulary app

iOS and Android phone

Read the installation- and activation-related instructions carefully before you proceed.

Open App Store or Play Store on your device

Search for Oak's Vocabulary to download the app on your phone

Select the app from the list and tap 'get' or 'install'

Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation

Activate and Access Oak's Vocabulary App


Log in using the Test Prep username (registered e-mail ID) and password. Make sure you have verified the Test Prep account by clicking on the verification link e-mailed to you along with the username and password details.


The app verifies the user authenticity by connecting to the server. Hence, please make sure you are connected to the internet at the time of logging in. You can use the app offline after you have logged in.

Single Device

The app can be activated only on one device. Hence, you are strongly recommended not to log out or reinstall the Oak's Vocabulary app.

Important Tips

  • Oak’s Vocabulary is available only to students of Dilip Oak’s Academy who have enrolled for GRE coaching.
  • For further technical assistance related to the app, email us at

Students can take two appointments for evaluation of their Analytical Writing essays. This facility can also be availed by those who are not students for our academy. Students get immediate feedback on their Analytical Writing essays from our trained counsellors.

Schedule an appointment at the Academy

You can take two appointments for the evaluation of your Analytical Writing essays. This facility can also be availed of by those of you who are not students of our academy. Students get immediate feedback on their Analytical Writing essays from our trained counsellors.

Appointment Details

Appointment Duration : 80 minutes.

What to get for the appointment: copies of your Issue and Argument essays on a CD. You should also e-mail us your essays at least two days prior to your appointment. Please note that pen drives are not allowed at the academy


Students can also take Analytical Writing essay appointments online using Hangout

Scheduling Appointments

The appointments can be scheduled by calling us at 91-020-67444222 between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm on weekdays

Software and Hardware Requirements

A computer with a broadband internet connection (min.256 kbps, 512 kbps and above recommended for video conferencing) Google Hangout (Google Account) A headphone and a microphone. A web camera(optional)

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